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Msgr. Joseph K. Ntuwa, Pastor

Pastoral Council

All Saints Parish Pastoral Council acts as a consultative body to the pastor, advising him on issues he identifies. The Council has 11 parishioner members and is presided by the pastor and chaired by Dennis Murphy. The Finance Council Chairman is an ex officio member. The fiscal year 2020-2021 Pastoral Council was tasked by Monsignor Joseph to “focus on how to increase intentional discipleship within the parish…where: parishioners commit themselves actively and; show their love for Christ in what they do.” Based on this charge the Council conducted a traditional gap analysis and extensive research resulting in a report to Monsignor that included recommendations to enhance intentional discipleship moving forward. The report also included “Paths to Implementation” to guide the operationalization of the report.
The 2021-2022 Council is tasked by Monsignor to oversee the implementation of the intentional discipleship report; review and update, as necessary, the All Saints Parish Pastoral Plan (a strategic planning document and action plan) and; introduce the Council more fully to the parish.

Dennis Murphy, Chair of the Parish Council, provides a brief overview of what the parish council is and does.


Parish Council

shown at right in 2020 video meeting

Dennis Murphy Chair
Msgr. Joseph K. Ntuwa Pastor, ex officio
Roland Scheiber Finance Council Chair, ex officio
Mary Ann Cavanagh /Dana Spillane Stewardship
Chuck Eldridge Building & Grounds (watch video)
Richard Spillane New Facilities
Margaret Bardar Member-at-large
Melissa Hartman Member-at-large
John Lucey Member-at-large
Tito Purcell Member-at-large
Gene Ziemba Member-at-large


Finance Council


2020 council shown

Roland Scheiber Chair
Beth Mongeau Director of Business Affairs (Ex officio)
Karen Boyle Bookkeeper (Ex officio)
Dawn Brannan  
Don Bray  
Steve Strnisha  
Dick Tarter  



Periodic Reports and Parish Planning Documents (click for PDF)

3rd Quarter Parish Review 2020-21 
Mid-Year Parish Review 2020-21 
Fourth Quarter Report Apr-June 2020 

Annual Impact Report 2019-20

Fourth Quarter Fiscal Review & New Facilities Update

Third Quarter Fiscal Report Jan-March 2020

MidYear Parish Review 2019-20

Annual Impact Report 2018-2019    

Pastoral Plan Overviw 2019-22 & New Facilities FAQ

Parish Year-End Impact Report 2017-18

Fiscal Year-End Review 2017-18 (Brief summary)

Strategic Plan 2017-24
Parish Year-End Report 2015-2016     Strategic Plan 2014-16

Parish Year-End Report 2014-2015      1/2015 Info Sessions

Parish Year End Report 2013-2014

Parish Year End Report 2012-2013     Strategic Plan 2013

Parish Year End Report 2011-2012


Council Requirements

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • A registered member of the parish.
  • Is a regular and identifiable financially contributing member of the parish.
  • Confirmed Catholic.
  • Active in the life of the parish and committed to the principles of Catholic stewardship.
  • Understands and endorses the mission of the parish.
  • Have the ability to listen openly, to present a point of view, to engage in constructive discussion and to work collaboratively with other council members.

Parish Council Description

An appointed group of parishioners representing a cross section of the parish, who provide insight and advise the pastor regarding church programs, ministries, facilities etc.  Parishioners at large are invited to sit on standing committees including Liturgy, Stewardship, Strategic Planning, Parish Social Ministry, Hospitality, Building & Grounds, and Land Acquisition and New Facilities.

Finance Council Description

A group of parishioners chosen and appointed by the pastor, to provide advice and direction to the Pastor regarding all financial matters affecting the parish.  Parishioners at large may sit on standing committees such as the BAA committee to help serve this committee.

Call for Nominations: Parish & Finance Councils

Periodically, Alll Saints puts the call out for nominating parishioners who are interested in participating on the Parish Council or Finance Council. Watch for these to be published in the bulletin and announced before Mass, typically in the fall. At any time, feel free to speak with a council member for more information about the opportunity to take a leadership role in putting your faith into action and utilizing your time, talent, and treasure for your parish and broader community.

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