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Families Forming Disciples

KNOW*GROW*LIVE, Faith Formation Program


3-D Nativity Coloring Kit: download this at-home family activity

Thank you for enrolling in the At Home, Families Forming Disciples Program for 2020/2021. The family learning-centered approach gives you control over what, when and how your family and child/ren participates in forming your faith.  The First 8 Week Session begins in September 2020. A mininimum of 16 weeks of formation must be completed to receive credit for the 2020/2021 year. If your child is in a Sacramental year, please contact Meredith Drescher about additional requirements for First Holy Communion or Confirmation.


Please select one topic under each of the 3 Tabs below and track your progress as you come to Know More, Grow More, and Live Out your Catholic Faith. Once you have completed all 8 weeks, scan or take a picture of each student's completed form and email to 


Faith Topics




Contact for Archived Months starting September 2020. 


Please click below for instructions on how to participate and Track your KNOW, GROW, LIVE PROGRESS for the 2020/2021 Faith Formation Year:


January 20, 2021


Know/ Grow/ Live/ for Lent   Click here for Resources

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