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What Bible is recommended for Catholics?

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops recommends several Bible translations; see which are recommended at

In our day-to-day work at All Saints, we often refer to the New American Bible for Catholics, Revised Edition. Also, we frequently quote the daily Bible readings from At Home with the Word, which references the Lectionary for Mass. You can pick up a free copy of At Home with the Word at our Hampstead office.


Click Here for the Dynamic Catholic Institute Study Guide


We hope everyone is enjoying their copy of The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic  by Mathew Kelly that you recieved for Christmas.  Whether you decide to read the book as a ministry, a group of friends, or on your own, we thought that study group questions may be helpful.  Fortunately, the book offers many opportunities by providing reflection questions throughout the chapters.  In addition, there is a free study guide available (see link next to the picture of the book above).  

For those of you who would like a simpler approach - we will provide a sample question to help get you thinking and talking about being Dynamic Catholics.

So to click off the New Year pray and reflect on the following question:

Which of the Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic is strongest in your life today - Prayer, Study, Genorosity, or Evangelization?  Which is the weakest, why?






Follow along with the daily Bible readings and liturgical seasons. Pick up a free copy of At Home with the Word in our Hampstead office.

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