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Franciscan at Home

Free Online Workshops- Franciscan University

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ONLINE Free Faith Enrichment Courses/Workshops

Something for everyone (Ministry Leads, Parents, Catechists, Lay ministers, 

Learn more about the Mass, Sacred Scripture, Foster Holiness in Children, The Ten Commandments, Sacraments and much more...


Go to the following link:

On the right of this web page is a large blue button My parish or School is already Registered...

  • Click on “create a new account”
  • “User Account” page will appear to set up a personal account Type in your name and e-mail, create a unique password, set your time zone, upload a profile picture, enter your phone number and mailing address

Under Diocese, scroll down and choose Diocese of Raleigh

Complete your Demographic Information, Parish Name and Location

Enter your ministry area as it applies to you. (Ministry experience is not required to take a course.)

  • Click on Create an Account box at the bottom

“Sign Up for Free Through Your Institution” page will appear

  • Choose CountryUnited States, Diocese—Diocese of Raleigh, and Institution—All Saints Catholic Curch and click Sign Up box at the bottom

You will be directed to your personal page… where you can start your first workshop by searching by track or title.


Start A Workshop Today!


The Catechetical Institute is now offering a FREE and fantastic webinar series to answer your most commonly asked questions about successfully implementing in your parish or school!

Franiscan at Home's Catechetical Institute offers more than 130 outstanding ministry formation workshops available online, ready to grow anyone in ministry roles for the good of the souls you serve.
Upcoming Webinar: May 11 at 3PM or 8PM
Implementing Franciscan at Home: Onboarding and Growing Your People

We will be answering your questions, such as…

  • How do people sign up under a parish or school?
  • How do I get started in a workshop or help others to do so effectively?
  • What elements are included in a workshop to make it really helpful and engaging, besides the video content?
  • How much time should I expect to invest in each workshop to be able to truly grow from it?
  • Where can I track my own progress or the progress of those I lead?
  • Can these workshops be taken in a group context?
  • What are other parishes and schools doing to make implement this successfully?
  • What other helpful resources does Franciscan At Home have to offer to help our parish succeed in our mission?

And much more – there will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end, so don’t miss out!

FYI… beyond this webinar, Franciscan at Home will be doing future topics monthly such as:

  • Motivating others to grow: mentoring and accompanying, peer groups, gentle accountability, creative leadership in forming those you lead.
  • How to grow your own spiritual life towards interior peace and joy in the middle of a busy world and a hostile culture.
  • How to strengthen your RCIA process to be the best your parish has ever offered.
  • How to effectively reach parents to truly enable them, not just exhort them.
  • How to help children and teens desire God and love His Church, not just go through programs or be informed in a classroom.

Click link below to learn how to sign up today!


New Classes available July 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of nine new workshops for you to enjoy:

  • Teaching Your Children About God's Plan for Sexuality
  • Conversion in Modern Culture
  • Facilitating Conversion in a Catholic School
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • An Introduction to Objective Truth
  • The Family as the Context of Catechesis
  • In Spanish:  La vocación del catequista
  • In Spanish:  El depósito de la fe: una introducción al Catecismo
  • In Spanish:  La Iglesia: dispensadora de los misterios y guardián del depósito de la fe
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